Beer, Cider, Wine & Prosecco List 


2018 Drinks lists


We will once again have the finest selection of beers, lager, cider, wine and GIN. 

Please note that many of our beers are limited stock. They are therefore subject to availability - when they're gone, they're gone.  



Main Dining Room - Cask Room


This is the cask beer room where 40 different cask beers from 30 different breweries are available; have a taste with ⅓ pint for 1 token or a pint for 3 tokens


Open Friday 7pm to 11pm and Saturday 2pm to 11pm


Additional tokens may be purchased from the front desk in multiples of ten for £10


Theakstons Bar

1 Theakstons Old Peculiar 5.6% Full bodied, unique, one of the country’s best loved ales

2 Theakstons XB 4.5% Superb blend of two types of bitter and three hop varieties

3 Theakstons Black Bull 3.9% Dry, spicy ale, a hint of sweetness from Bramling Cross hops

4 Theakstons Lightfoot 4.1% Refreshing golden ale from prime English Barley and wheat

5 Theakstons Vanilla Stout 4.5% Robust flavours of roasted barley offset by sweet Vanilla

6 Isaac Poad 1863 Best Bitter 3.8% Operating since 1863, this is their commemorative beer

7 Partners Bobs White Lion 4.3% Partners purchased Bob’s in 2016; this is a lager style beer

8 Roosters Little Darlings 4.3% Pale ale, with tropical fruits and a medium level of bitterness

9  Leeds Doubting Tom 4% A pale, golden beer, with a delicate and satisfying bouquet

10 Hambletons Alpha Ale 3.7% amber ale, highly hopped (from Yakima Valley) session beer

11 Hambletons Stud Blonde 4.3% (GLUTEN FREE) Easy drinking golden blonde suitable for all


Daleside Bar

12 Daleside Blonde 3.9% A refreshing golden beer with a crisp palate and subtle aftertaste

13 Daleside Porter 4.4% Distinctively dark with classic chocolate, coffee and roast flavours

14 Daleside Pride of England 4% Light, golden beer with floral and citrus fruit aromas

15 Daleside Monkey Wrench 5.3% Strong ale, aromas of fruit and malt, a hoppy sweet finish

16 Daleside Square Rigger 4.5% Light amber Indian Pale Ale using 3 different blended hops

17 Mallinsons Chinook 4% Single hopped, golden colour, with light citrus hop nose and taste

18 Black Sheep Monty Python’s Flying Circus 4.5% Full bodied, crisp, with a silly hop punch

19 Kirkstall Brewery Black Band Porter 5.5% Chocolate & roasted malts dominate this porter

20 Summer Wine Redwood 5.8% Piney fruit hops, strong malt backbone with a bitter finish

21 Wylam Brewing Macchiato 6.5% Hazlenut Praline Coffee Porter, complex but smooth

22 Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.4% Hoppy & uncompromisingly bitter, complex fruit flavours


Kings Clipstone Bar

23 Kings Clipstone Barneys Brown Ale 4.3% Full bodied with notes of toffee

24 Kings Clipstone Palace Pale Ale 4.1% Light pale ale, uniquely quaffable with interesting hops

25 Kings Clipstone Queens of Tarts 4.5% Blonde, zesty, dry hopped to give a punchy flavour

26 Nottingham EPA 4.2% Light coloured, well balanced smooth ale with fragrant hop finish

27 Ashover Amarella 4.6% Hoppy, citrus & dry

28 Barlow Miss Mash 4.2% Light in colour, very well balanced session beer

29 Brampton Golden Bud 4.2% Golden bitter, grapefruit & citrus flavours, a sweet aftertaste

30 Derventio Gold 4.2% Pale bitter with subtle character, citra and aurora hops

31 Springhead Outlawed 3.8% Triple hopped, full of flavour

32 Magpie Baby Bird 3.5% Low abv makes this gentle but very flavoursome

33 Maypole Monteroy Hop 3.7% Light hoppy blonde with slight bitter aftertaste

34 Black Market Illicit 4.3% Unique subtle blonde beer, easy drinking and pleasant

35 Milestone Loxley Ale 4.2% Light golden beer with lemongrass and honey flavours

36 Little Critters Blonde Bear 4.2% Hints of tropical fruits and earthiness

37 Moody Fox Mosaic 4.5% Pale ale in the traditional english style

38 Kelham Island Easy Rider 4.3% Crisp, light, with a lingering fruity aftertaste

39 Old Sawley Figaro 4% Extra pale ale, tropical fruitiness and a floral aroma

40 Batemans Batemens Gold 3.9% Light and citrus with a polished finish

41 Two Roses The Full Malty 5.1% Brand new and full of malt

42 Lincoln Green Hood Best Bitter 4.2% Full rounded bitterness with a gentle floral aroma

43 Hamelsworde Colin Brown 5.2% Deep amber, fruity hop aroma, malty nutty aftertaste

44 Market Harborough Admiral Special 4.6% Blonde Beer with a slight citrus dry finish

45 Double Top Bad Boy 4.7% Premium chestnut bitter brewed with dark muscovado sugar

46 Reedley Hollows Old Lound Bitter 3.6% A good session beer, smooth and creamy.

47 Dukeries Converted Try 5.2% Rich in colour, floral aroma with earthy flavours

48 Littleover Panther Stout 4.2% Rich smooth warming oatmeal stout with hints of coffee

49 Black Hole Black Hole Bitter 3.8% Session beer, straw coloured beer with Czech heritage

50 Deeply Vale DV8 4.8% Multi award winning breakfast stout, deliciously smooth, easy drinking




Ballroom - Live Entertainment


This room hosts all the Live Bands and Entertainment and has a selection of Ciders and Keg Beer available for 4 tokens a pint or 2 tokens for a half pint. Wine selection from Ake & Humphris is also available for 4 tokens for a 175ml glass of wine or a 125ml glass of prosecco.


This room is open from 7pm on Friday and 2pm and Saturday and closes when the bands finish which is scheduled for 11pm.


Additional tokens may be purchased from the front desk in multiples of ten for £10


(Wine is also available in 125ml for 4 tokens and Prosecco in 175ml for 6 tokens)


Keg Bar

51 Theakstons Pale 4.5% Subtle flavoured pale-coloured ale with a blend of new world hops

52 Theakstons IPA 5.1% New world and Yorkshire hops make a modern take on IPA style

53 Theakstons Barista Stout 4.2% Seven different cereals & coffee; mouth wateringly mellow

54 Daleside Lager 4.3% Authentic craft lager with a delicate floral aroma and refreshing finish

55 Daleside Crackshot 5.5% Wide range of hops and malts with subtle hint of sweetness

56 Daleside Roundel 4.5% BREWED ESPECIALLY FOR THE FESTIVAL. This golden, complex, beer is brewed using four different hops. There’s a hint of sweetness with a late bitter taste; an all round winner!

57 Roosters Baby Faced Assassin 6.1% Long lasting juicy tropical fruit , very drinkable IPA

58 Roosters 24/7 4.7% Punchbowl aroma of lemon, tangerine and gooseberry, session IPA


Cider Bar

59 Orchards of Husthwaite Gold 6% (carbonated)

60 Orchards of Husthwaite Dark Fruit 4% (carbonated)

61 Orchards of Husthwaite Dry 6%

62 Orchards of Husthwaite Gold 6%

63 Orchards of Husthwaite Rhubarb 4%

64 Orchards of Husthwaite Rasberry 4%

65 Orchards of Husthwaite Katy 6%

66 Orchards of Husthwaite Strong 7%

67 Orchards of Husthwaite Toffee 4%

68 Orchards of Husthwaite Dark Fruit 4%

69 Orchards of Husthwaite Pear 5%

70 Premium Drinks Passion Fruit Perry 7.5%

71 Premium Drinks Pineapple 4%

72 Premium Drinks Blueberry 7.3%

73 Premium Drinks tbc

74 Premium Drinks tbc



Wine Bar

75 Windfall Merlot 2013 13% Classic plum and cherry notes balanced by the gentle savouriness associated with this fabulous South African red.

76 Borsao Tres Lagunas Garnacha 2016 14.5% A rich, smooth Spanish Grenache that displays plenty of warming dark berry fruit plus a gentle touch of vanilla from oak aging

77 Kindred Chenin Blanc 2013 13% Classic South African Chenin with notes of apple and a hint of honey that delivers a lovely rounded and easy drinking style

78 Salmon Run Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2016 13% Quintessential Marlborough Sauvignon with refreshingly familiar notes of bright citrus and tropical fruit

79 Pasquiers Grenache Cinsault Rose 2016 12.5% Elegant pale rose from the South of France reminiscent of Provence with notes of gentle raspberry, redcurrant fruit and a hint of pink grapefruit

80 Burlesque White Zinfandel 2016 12% Bursting with ripe strawberry fruit - think strawberries and cream - as you’d expect from this slightly sweeter style

81 Prosecco Le Dolci Colline 11.5% A soft dry Prosecco, aromatic with light apple and pear flavours and a wonderfully refreshing finish


Reading Room and Drawing Room - The Green Room


Open from 7pm both nights these rooms host DJ Mark Green and Guests with the Green Room Bar being the last place to get a drink before making your way home.


All drinks in this room are 4 tokens (175ml Prosecco available for 6 tokens and half pints for 2 tokens)


Additional tokens may be purchased from the front desk in multiples of ten for £10


Slingsby Gin Bar (7pm to 10.30pm)

82 Slingsby London Dry (25ml) with Fever Tree Tonic

83 Slingsby Rhubarb Gin (25ml) with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic


Green Room Bar (7pm till 11.30pm) 4 tokens a drink

84 Daleside Lager 4.3% Authentic craft lager with a delicate floral aroma and refreshing finish

85 Daleside Blonde 3.9% A refreshing golden beer with a crisp palate and subtle aftertaste

86 Theakstons Pale 4.5% Subtle flavoured pale-coloured ale with a blend of new world hops

87 Theakstons Bitter 3.8% Five different hops give a complex taste with balanced sweetness

88 Passion Fruit Perry 7.5% A festival winner year after year - we’ve ordered extra this time!

89 Prosecco Le Dolci Colline 11.5% Aromatic light apple and pear flavours, refreshing finish







 All Drinks Are Subject To Availability

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