Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is one of the main revenue generators and without it the Harrogate Beer Festival wouldn’t take place. Local businesses have been incredibly generous over the years in supporting the event. 

The following sponsorship packages are available. For further details please enquire using the form on our contact page and we’ll give you a call back to discuss details. We’re happy to invoice on 30 day terms or provide a credit card link to pay online



Barrel Sponsorship

Our most popular sponsorship package and great value for money.  In return for sponsoring a barrel of beer you get your company name and logo on this website, your logo projected inside the beer festival as part of a rolling presentation, a copy of our tasting notes booklet and sponsor's wristbands allowing free entry and free drinks all night for one night at the Beer Festival.

> Bronze Sponsorship £120 - includes 2 sponsors wristbands 
> Silver Sponsorship £200 - includes 5 sponsors wristbands
> Gold Sponsorship £350 - includes 10 sponsors wristbands
> Platinum Sponsorship £500 - includes 15 sponsors wristbands
> DIAMOND Sponsorship – personalised packages available 

Click here to enquire about any sponsorship package


Tasting Notes Advert 

We print over 5,000 copies of this A5 booklet and a copy is given to everybody on arrival. The tasting notes are printed in colour and include details of the event, tasting notes for each beer and a floor plan map.

This package includes all the benefits of Barrel Sponsorship; that’s sponsor's tickets which allow free entry and free drinks all night for one night at the Beer Festival, your logo projected inside the beer festival as part of a rolling presentation and your company name and logo on this website.

Half Page Advert: £275 (includes all benefits of Silver sponsorship) 
Full Page Advert£450 (includes  all benefits of Silver sponsorship)
Double Page Editorial£600 (includes all benefits of Silver sponsorship)
Full Back Page Advert£750 (includes all benefits of Gold sponsorship)


Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorship packages are tailored to suit your needs. Private rooms branded and named after your company can be provided from just £1,500 and include over £1,000 worth of wristbands for the main beer halls. Please contact us to discuss and we’ll provide a tailored quotation.



Beer Glass Sponsor

Raworths have generously agreed to sponsor our beer glasses for the seventh year running. Glasses feature the Raworths and Round Table logos and the date of this year's Beer Festival. Glasses are given to everyone when they come in and are theirs to keep. 

Wine Glass Sponsor

Companies are able to sponsor our wine glasses with their company logo.  We are seeing an increase in the number of ladies attending the festival so will be offering a wide range of wines. Offers in the region of £2,000 and we'll throw in 15 Wristbands. 


Apron Sponsor

Aprons are worn by all our helpers across all 3 nights so are highly visible. We'll feature your logo prominently alongside the Beer festival logo. We'd love £1,000 for this - but make us an offer. 


Beer Tokens Sponsor

Each person paying to enter the beer festival will receive beer tokens which are exchanged for drinks at the bar.  Further tokens can be purchased throughout the evening. The perforated sheet is retained by the customer and this can include your company advert. Make us an offer around £750 and it's yours.


Company details printed on ALL sponsors wrist bands. This is a great opportunity to be the first thing people see when they wake up the next morning still wearing it!


Bar Sponsorship

Name a bar after your company and incorporate your branding. High visibility from just £1,000. Contact us for details.


Beer Mats

Have your company logo printed on beer mats which are on bars and tables around the venue. We're looking for offers around £1,000 and we'll include 10 sponsors wristbandsPlease note the beer mats are printed on both sides so are available to two sponsors. 


Pre Paid Tickets

Tickets will be distributed to local bars prior to the event to be purchased in advance. Make us an offer and your company details could be on them.


Cloakroom Tickets

Offers around £500 to secure this opportunity.


Dedicated Plasma

You provide your video, advert or presentation and we'll show it on a plasma screen in the beer hall looping throughout the night. This is only available to company's who are already sponsoring another package. £250 buys you this deal or £400 for sector exclusivity.



For further details of any of these packages please enquire using the form on our contact page and we’ll give you a call back to discuss details.

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